Droboshare Dashboard for Mac includes free Xtend SAN iSCSI Initiator (kind of)

Rather than not writing about it at all just some quick notes:

  • The Droboshare Dashboard software includes the Xtend SAN iSCSI Initiator.
  • If you want to use the initiator with non-Drobo iSCSI targets you will have to use the command line interface to configure the target and connect to it. The tool is called xtendsancli. This command line interface (cli) is written in Java and using RMI to talk to some backend which could open up some DIY GUI options.
  • The only limitation of the included Xtend initiator (besides the missing GUI) is that it checks if the target name begins with “iqn.2005-06.com.drobo:”. If you can configure the server side there is no difficulty or downside in just using that name and making your iSCSI target look like a Drobo.

Disk Utility with iSCSI target

That way I was able to make the Drobo iSCSI initiator talk to a Ubuntu 13.10 ‘iscsitarget’ (thats the name of the package) on OS X Mavericks.

54 thoughts on “Droboshare Dashboard for Mac includes free Xtend SAN iSCSI Initiator (kind of)

  1. I tried removing all java installation and installing only the jdk1.8.0_60 that is the same as inside the atto application, but it’s not working.
    I also installed java from Apple as wrote in old posts, but no guess.

    What java do you installed in your computer?

    Thanks for your help

  2. Finally I have it working… but not at all.
    Now the iscsid daemon starts correctly and also the ATTO application.
    The discover works correctly, but when I try to connect to LUN, I always have this error:
    java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.io.IOException: Driver failed login (0x1000002)

    I have no security CHAP.
    I tried to add security also, but the result doesn’t change.

  3. Maybe it is bug in synology iscsi implementation. I working on qnap hardware and qts system, and it’s works fine 🙂

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